31 August 2022

Newsletter and Member-Nominated Trustee selection update

The In Touch newsletter will be mailed out to members of the E.ON UK Group of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme (ESPS) from early September 2022. A copy is also available online in the Newsletters section of the website.

You’ll find a summary of the Scheme’s actuarial valuation, as at 31 March 2021, which has now been completed. The results show the Scheme had a funding surplus of £22 million as at 31 March 2021. The improvement in the funding position over the previous valuation in 2018 is largely due to a combination of:

  • investment returns being higher than assumed
  • the Company paying a significant deficit repair contribution, and
  • a slow-down in expected improvements to life expectancy

The newsletter also includes a summary of the financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2022, and an overview of how the Scheme’s assets are invested.

Member-Nominated Trustee (MNT) selection process
A selection process is currently underway to appoint two Member-Nominated Trustees (MNTs). Your In Touch newsletter tells you more about the MNT role, what it involves, and how the selection process works.

If you are interested in nominating yourself to become an MNT, you should either complete the paper questionnaire enclosed with your newsletter and return it to the address shown on the form, or fill out the form below and send it to

The deadline for returning your questionnaire is 30 September 2022.