Meet the trustees

The Group Trustees look after your interests as a member of the E.ON UK pension scheme. They make sure that scheme benefits, contributions and investments are properly managed in line with the Rules.

There are 10 trustees in total: five are appointed by your employer E.ON UK plc and five nominated by the scheme’s members. All the trustees have equal rights and responsibilities.


  • Martine Trouard-Riolle 106x127

    Martine Trouard-Riolle

    Chairman: Employer-appointed

    Date appointed: 13 July 2015

    Martine represents Capital Cranfield Trustees Ltd (appointed by E.ON UK) as independent chair of the trustee board. 

    Martine is chair of the board’s Investment Committee.
  • Mike Andrews 106x127

    Mike Andrews


    Date appointed: 18 January 2018

    Mike was a trustee of the Eastern scheme and then the E.ON scheme for 18 years until June 2016. He was Group Treasurer of Eastern for 11 years prior to his retirement in 2000. 

    Mike is a member of the board’s Investment Committee.
  • Stefan Brenk 106x127

    Stefan Brenk


    Date appointed: 18 January 2018

    Stefan is Head of Pension Finance & Asset Strategy at E.ON SE. He started his career as a portfolio strategy analyst at HSBC before joining E.ON in 2008 to support the Asset Strategy Group. Between 2015 and 2017 Stefan worked for Thyssenkrupp as a global pension expert before rejoining E.ON in 2017.

    Stefan is a member of the board’s Investment Committee.
  • Chris Brown 106x127

    Chris Brown


    Date appointed: 26 January 2006

    Chris retired from E.ON in 2012 having worked for East Midlands Electricity Board, Powergen and latterly E.ON since leaving school in 1973. 
    Chris is a member of the board’s Determinations Committee.
  • Derek Evans 106x127

    Derek Evans


    Date appointed: 26 January 2006.

    Derek retired from E.ON in 2010 after 40 years in the industry working as a mechanical fitter. 

    Derek is a member of the board’s Determinations Committee.
  • Adrian Harris 106x127

    Adrian Harris


    Date appointed: 5 August 2009

    Adrian has over 30 years' experience in the pensions industry, including 20 years in the E.ON pensions team prior to his retirement. 

    Adrian is a member of the board’s Audit Committee and is chair of the Determinations Committee.
  • Sara Leavesley

    Sara Leavesley


    Date appointed: 1 July 2020

    Sara is Head of Corporate Real Estate Management and Safety Systems (CREMS).   Sara is an international M & A lawyer by background and joined E.ON in 2009 after working for 13 years for private equity company 3i.  She has had a variety of legal roles in E.ON since joining (including a 3-year secondment to Group as Head of M & A legal) before moving to CREMS in 2019.

    Sara is a member of the board’s Determinations Committee.
  • Keith Plowman 106x127

    Keith Plowman

    Deputy chairman: Employer-appointed

    Date appointed: 1 May 2017

    Keith has a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Wales and a Masters in Business Administration from Aston University.

    He held a number of engineering, operational and leadership positions within Powergen/E.ON. In 2008 he was appointed Managing Director of E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH responsible for E.ON’s thermal power stations.

    Keith was responsible for E.ON’s business in Turkey prior to his retirement from the Company in April 2018.
    Keith is a member of the board’s Investment Committee.

  • Graeme Thompson 106x127

    Graeme Thompson


    Date appointed: 5 July 2017

    Graeme trained as a Chartered Accountant at Coopers & Lybrand (now PWC) in Birmingham and joined Powergen in 1996.

    He had a number of roles within the Generation and Corporate Finance teams before becoming Director, Controlling and Accounting and then the Finance & Regulation Director at Central Networks.

    He left E.ON following the Central Networks sale to be Chief Financial Officer at HS1 Limited until 2017 and is now primarily working for a number of charities.

    Graeme is chair of the Board’s Audit Committee.