Added Years
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Depending on your E.ON UK membership category, you may be able to buy ‘Added Years’.

Your pension benefits are calculated using:

  • your pensionable pay (the proportion of your annual salary that your pension benefits are based on, which typically doesn't include bonuses and overtime) and
  • the number of years you have paid in to the scheme.

This option allows you to buy Added Years of membership to boost your pension benefits.

However, you can’t buy Added Years if you have reached 40 years’ service by your normal pension age. Other limits may apply.

More details about Added Years are available from Railpen.

If you are a member of the Retirement Balance Plan category, you can increase your core benefit level in additional multiples of 5% of your pensionable pay up to a maximum of 40% of your pensionable pay. You can change your core benefit level once a year in April through the ‘My Choice’ window which is open in February each year.