Members in scope of PIE only

This video is for illustration purposes only and GMP may not be applicable.

For a limited time, you have a Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) option to consider.

If you choose the PIE option, you will receive:

  • a one-off, permanent increase to your pension now, and
  • lower (or no) increases to your pension in the future.

Choosing your PIE option will not affect the pension your husband, wife, civil partner or other dependant will receive if you die before them.

To help you make an informed decision, the Company (E.ON UK) has appointed Chase de Vere, a regulated financial adviser, to give you paid-for impartial financial advice.

The Company is paying for this advice – there will be no cost to you.

You may also prefer to use your own financial adviser, in which case, you would need to meet the cost of that advice. You cannot choose your PIE option without taking financial advice or guidance from Chase de Vere, or financial advice from your own financial adviser.

For impartial financial advice on your pension options – at no cost to you – contact Chase de Vere by 1 December 2023. 0800 088 3132 (UK) or +44 203 474 5199 (overseas) Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays, 9am to 5pm

Say you are a member of the E.ON UK Group and you would like to arrange an advice call, or you can receive advice straight away if you prefer.

Please only contact the IFA Chase De Vere if you have received a PIE offer. It will be clear from the pack you have received if you have a PIE offer.